There such small latches that can be screwed up to cabinets wall and door. There two types: magnetic ones and mechanical (with a spring). Like this (magnetic): enter image description here

And this:

enter image description here

Magnetic ones seem to be very strong and seems don't lose strength over time. And prices are approximately the same (in general). So, why would I prefer one before the other?

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The magnetic ones are simpler imho, and don’t have so much to catch a sleeve on. Also, the tongue on the mechanical one can deform over time.

  • By the time I've got answers, my already deformed (after several days), not tongue, but catching part though.
    – R S
    Jul 30, 2019 at 20:35

Some magnetic catches have neat functions like push in release and the door opens enough to allow fingers to open the door, when closing pushing in fully closes the door, I like those more than the mechanical style. As far as life of the hardware I have remodeled 20’s & 30’s houses that had the mechanical clasps that were still functional so I think ease of installation would be easier for the magnet style as the plate can be offset and the magnet style still work.

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