So a fuse(3) on my control board blew at the same time my ac capacitor did. I replaced the capacitor with the exact one that was on the old unit and when replacing the fuse noticed a stray red wire... This wire and the white one next to it goes all the way to my ac. When I stripped the wire back a bit and connected it to R (you can see in this picture) Control Board

the ac finally turned on and everything seemed to run fine until I noticed the fan on the outside unit was never turning off. At first I thought stuck contoller but now I'm wondering if I messed up a wire choice?

  • Can you post a wiring diagram for the outdoor unit to your air conditioner? – ThreePhaseEel Jul 27 '19 at 21:53

Problem solved! If you notice there is a little copper wire on the other side of the yellow terminal that I thought was the yellow wire wrapping around but nope, that's the broken off part of red so to solve my issue I had to connect red to Y next to that yellow wire.

Just wanted to post an answer in case anyone else makes this mistake, apparently red wires can connect to non-red things... I was naive and ignorant. enter image description here

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