I would like to paint the cover and door of my flush mount load center to match the wall color more closely. The manufacturer does offer a white in addition to the standard grey cover, but it is hard to find and ridiculously overprice.

Only the outside would be painted, so all labels on the inside would not get any overspray or anything else on them and would remain intact. I would also of course first remove the hinges and locking mechanism to ensure their operation wouldn't be affected.

Is this OK to do per NEC 2017 and with typical load center UL listings? Let me know if specifics are needed to answer.


That is fine. NEC is silent on the issue, except for 110.3B, which defers to the unit's labeling and instructions, which is NEC's way of deferring to UL (or other NRTL; CE is not one). UL Approves the panel based on the labeling and instructions.

However, if the panel is CH, the panel color is already perfection. So paint the rest of the house to match the panel.

But don't put CH colors on a non-CH panel; that would be sacrilege!

  • Eaton makes decorator covers for CH (and possibly BR as well) panels; also, you can get them custom-painted if you're willing to work with their Flex Center on a factory order... – ThreePhaseEel Jul 25 at 22:40

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