My contractor seems to be creating energy from thin air. He uncovered some old wiring while replacing the ceiling plaster in my living room. I had him use this wiring to install low voltage can lights and they look great. As I was installing a smart switch, I was unable to locate a circuit breaker in my main panel that was powering these lights. We had a new main panel installed 7 years ago, could the old wiring have simply been missed when wiring the panel? Could it somehow be directly connected to the main line coming in the house and be unfused?

  • Can you have someone get a tone-tracer on those mystery wires? Have you tried turning your main breaker off and seeing if the lights in question stay on? – ThreePhaseEel Jul 20 at 14:05
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    Is this a single family dwelling? Or a multi-tenant? How old is the construction? Did you try turning your main breaker off? – Tyson Jul 20 at 14:24
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    Not wise to use "old wiring" without knowing exactly where it is supplied from. Poor decision on both your part and the contractor... – Solar Mike Jul 20 at 14:53
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    Single family home built in 1908 with extensive remodels (all knob and tube removed). You're right, it is on the master switch, I didn't try that before. I'll get the electrician to wire it up to an unused circuit breaker. – user351059 Jul 20 at 14:56
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