pressure tank in unheated cabin

Best way to keep a PEX run in an attic (above a foyer) from freezing?

I have the full well and pressure tank system finally working :)

Need a run from the wiring closet / plumbing closet with pressure tank to other side of the cabin where the toilet flange is. Not more than 25 feet. It's a EDPM roof, on top of junk plywood in this section. 6 inch rafters. No insulation yet.

The only plumbing in the crawl space is the toilet drain and main drain for the house - which is capped for now. Also the black poly for the well, which has heat tape on it. I want to avoid any water piping in the crawl space as it freezes.

Question - run the PEX in the rafters or find way to keep it actually inside under the ceiling tiles (when they get installed). I am hoping to keep the cabin heated this winter.

  • Guy at Home Depot felt it would get too cold in ceiling, run it INSIDE the cabin at the ceiling. Maybe I can cover with conduit cover. I think I agree with him. – House DiY Jul 19 at 16:38

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