I mistakenly brought concrete screws to hang my storage racks in the garage. Well, turns out my walls are drywall on wood, and not concrete. I don't supposed the concrete screws will work in drywall or in the wooden studs behind them would they?

  • Can you show us or link to exactly what you mean by "concrete screws"? – brhans Jul 18 '19 at 17:25

Firstly, I wouldn't use drywall screws (black oxide) to hang any load heavier than the small portion of drywall they're designed for. Drywall screws are very brittle and don't tolerate bending well at all. Gold construction screws, sure. Good quality deck screws, sure. Not actual drywall screws.

Then, concrete screws are often heavier in diameter and thread depth, so they'll grab the wood in your studs just fine. Even if they're lighter-duty 3/16" screws they'll be ok if you use enough for the load. You may want to pilot for them since they can be quite chunky. The only concern is length. You'd want to be into the wood at least 1-1/4" for anything of substantial weight.

  • Yeah, they're just high-low threaded and comparatively expensive lag screws; use them as such: pilot holes. – Mazura Jul 18 '19 at 22:11

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