I'm planning a remodel of my Kitchen, and when looking around behind the Oven I've noticed that the drain pipe from the washing machine, as well as what I believe to be the hot and cold supplies for the Washer and the Bathroom, are entering into the kitchen behind the oven and are then running all the way along the wall and around the corner before making it to the sink drain / hot water heater.

Here's a rough sketch of what the kitchen looks like and where the pipes are.

|     xxxx=====O|
|              =|
|              =|
              y=| ->
              y |
|               |
|               |
|               |

x = where the sink is
O = hot water heater
arrow at top is where the sink/washer drains and also where water comes in
y = where the oven is
= is the plumbing that is running from the sink to the bend in the wall and then to the wall behind the oven where it then, finally, enters the wall 

I'd like to move these pipes behind the wall if at all possible as it

  1. Forces the oven out approximately 2 inches from the wall, leaving a noticeable gap
  2. Requires the cabinets to be cut around the pipe instead of fitting snugly against the wall

I'm already planning to remove the old drywall and put up new drywall anyway. Should these pipes be pushed into the wall, and should they go behind the frame or into it?

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