We have knocked down a few walls to achieve an open floor plan. Now, with disgusting carpet (most of house), ceramic tile (entry), hardwood (nailed down in kitchen/dining), and linoleum sheet flooring (former laundry room) all coming toe to toe (and all having different thicknesses, I'm not sure how to proceed. We're ripping out all flooring and replacing with vinyl plank throughout the whole house. Subfloor is plywood throughout over a basement.

The problem is with the kitchen. When finished it will stretch across the current hardwood kitchen and former laundry room covered in linoleum. We have pulled out half of the upper and base cabinets to change the footprint (was very tight and cramped). Those in the corner with plumbing stayed put. They are on top of hardwood as are the appliances. How do I install the vinyl flooring given the existing cupboards? The new footprint has the cupboards and appliances running along two adjacent walls.


Sidebar: I've read that cupboards should not sit on a floating floor for expansion reasons. I'm not sure why they can't, but my baby grand and some very heavy appliances and furniture can.

  • The base is just the perimeter of the cabinet. The bottom surface is raised up. – solstice Jul 16 at 19:27

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