I have one middle bedroom second floor that virtually gets no forced air AC or heat. Placing you hand on the reister you don't feel no force, very little air push. I on more than one occasion have closed 50-70% on the tube dampers and registers ( on the first floor to push air to the second level and no help. I have also completely closed the first floor control damper in the basement. I have a fist floor and second floor split ventilation first floor tube and second floor large square ventilation.What is also odd is one BR on second floor has tube vent and that room is cold and the furthest from the split control. The size of the floor booth in the middle BR will not accept a booster fan. So the bottom line is that I tried all the balancing criteria that HVAC companies advised. My AC unit 3 ton is 2 weeks old and furnace 2 stage is 3 years old both Carrier. Basement family room is ice cold with all vents closed and first floor is cold, second floor low cool middle BR no action. Any ideas and recommendations that I missed will be very appreciated. Thanks

  • Only 3 weeks old? Why not go back to the installer to correct this? As for a booster, there are external fans that might fit, e.g. Suncourt Equalizer EQ2 Register Booster. – DrMoishe Pippik Jul 14 '19 at 4:22
  • Look closely for an old hidden in-line damper on the duct to that room, or maybe the duct is squished somewhere; sounds like a physical obstruction... – Jimmy Fix-it Jul 14 '19 at 6:06

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