The pump is 115v 9 amp draw. The run length from breaker box to outlet is between 70 and 75'. I have a coil of 14/2 left over from my barn wiring project. I've done some online checking and think I am ok with this setup but you can never have too much info. Thanks for the help.

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    Is this a cord-and-plug connected pool pump, or a hardwired one? Is the pool a storable type or a permanent pool, and if it's storable, what size is it? Jul 6, 2019 at 20:41

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Sorry to disagree with Harper on this but I would always run a minimum of 12-gauage wire for a 9-Amp pool pump with a circuit run of 75-feet. The pool pump is going to be considered a continuous load. This will require a buffer factor of at least 25%. A continuous load at 75' would require another deration factor. A pool pump is not an incidental load. 14-guage wire is designed to carry minimal loads. And a pool pump/motor is an expensive item. We shouldn't take a chance on taxing that motor with inadequate wiring.


You can't use interior wire (NM aka Romex) for outdoor, underground or outside conduit applications. As an example if the cable contains that paper wadding, that's a big no-go. You need UF cable if direct burying, or that or THWN-2/XHHW individual wires for conduit.

#14 NM is generally white (rarely black). UF is gray.

Voltage drop wise, that sounds fine. You don't even need to think about voltage drop til at least 60' on a 120V circuit, and even then only if you are running at hard circuit limits (which you should not) and believe in 3% (which you should not).

Given that you are well under 15A, and 3% isn't that important for a panel-final load run, you are fine.

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