Currently we are staying in a rented house. It has several open cement wall cupboards with different sizes and shapes. I am providing the following image reference for cement cupboards.

enter image description here

We placed several decorative things inside such cupboards.

There are multiple issues due to this. Dust, lizards etc., are the main issues.

I want to close all the cupboards. Since we are not owners, we want to close them completely with some low cost transparent material instead of installing either wood or glass doors. I am not sure how to close it. Another requirement is that we should open it whenever we want and then close again.

So my doubt is what is the best cheap way to totally close a cement cupboards with transparent material?

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    What you want to do, with want you want in the way of a finished product, is limiting any kind of practical answer. Wood, glass or even clear acrylic sheet is about the only effective way to cover what you want, and fix them in place with hinges. – Jack Jul 6 at 15:57

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