I have a toilet that is running, probably once every ten to fifteen minutes. I hear a quiet dripping sound within the tank. I understand that the most common problem associated with these events is a flapper that needs cleaning or replacement. Mine is pretty new and looks clean. I've now just cleaned it again. I've shut off the water to the tank. After I flushed, only a small amount of water remains at the base of the tank, and I'm still hear the dripping sound.

I'm not sure what the piece is called, but should I perhaps be caulking around the piece that the flapper inserts into? Or maybe I'll just replace the flapper again?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer,



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There are a few places where the flap valve/overflow tube assembly could be leaking. Check for loose parts, but don't over-tighten or you'll crack plastic parts or, worse, the porcelain!

Flap valve & overflow tube assembly

  • There are bolts holding the tank to the bowl, with rubber washers to prevent leakage. Make sure the bolts and nuts are tight -- sometimes, the tank will shift, loosening the bolts.
  • The flap valve seat (often part of the overflow tube assembly) also has a rubber washer underneath, and a foam rubber collar. If the valve seat is loose, the tank must be removed to tighten the large-diameter nut.
  • Check that the overflow tube is not cracked.
  • Check that the flap valve and seat are clean and have no splits or cracks.

See the City of Denver's tips on fixing leaks.

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