What do you guys find is best for layout after getting the foundation poured for a house or garage? When you go and snap your lines that are perfectly square, is it better to have your sill plate stick in/out past the edge of the foundation wall, or is it better to have the rim board stick in/out past the treated sill plate? I would assume the rim board should stay flush with the sill plate so that when toe nailing the rim board to the sill plate it has the designed meat to nail into, but I also have a hard time picturing sill plate sticking out past the foundation making the J-Bolts grab onto less without stepping up the sill plate size.

This is all assuming the concrete forms were either not perfectly square or they were well used and a bit wavy/warped from hundreds of uses and handling with skid steers. I have seen the best foundations that were 99% square and some that seem off by half an inch. In a 50' distance it seems 3/4" is not unheard of, but when running sill plate that could be 3/4" overhang! Hints this question to see what others do.

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