My Dremel (model 398) has a jammed front bearing probably due to too much dry wall cutting and not enough cleaning. I was shocked happy when I found several of those bearings (used) in my toolbox. I'm wondering how to remove the front shaft (red arrow) and bearing (green arrow). It looks like the bearing is glued to the main shaft of the motor and the front shaft is glued to the main shaft. The red arrow points to a hole in the front shaft. There is no set screw in there, just a hole. The front shaft is where the collet goes with the tools that one might want to use. Any ideas how to remove both the front shaft and bearing? Is brute force the only way to go? Thanks

UPDATE: Added another picture to show the part that holds the bearing removed from the rest of the tool.

tool bearing core

  • I just remember. The hole in the front shaft is for the push button lock, so it does not turn when changing tools. – Rodo Jun 26 at 16:26

This bearing looks like it was pressed on from the splined end of the rotary shaft. Pull the shaft, tap it gently with a brass rod or a socket which fits around the bearing but won't score the shaft. Do this and the bearing should come off.

Edit to add to my earlier question based on the new image: On a splined shaft as seen on your third image there should be a means to disconnect it safely from the plastic hub (or potentially clutch). Because the inner race of the bearing will be to large to fit around he non-threaded or splined portion of the rotary shaft the only means to replace the bearing is to entirely disconnect the shaft. That said, smaller splined shafts like this often only go back one way so be sure to make exactly how it is in its assembled orientation.

  • Splined end? Is that where the groves are next to the plastic fan looking thing? – Rodo Jun 26 at 20:32
  • Yes, the splined end is the end connecting to the "plastic fan looking thing". Those horizontal grooves are called splines. – J Crosby Jun 26 at 20:36

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