I'm going to be framing out a wall in my basement by using 2x2 furring strips, attaching them with Tapcon screws to the masonry block so that I can hang the drywall onto and also give me a little room for foam insulation.

I can't use 2x4 because it would run into my vents and I don't want to add repositioning the vents to this project.

Since I’m just framing this to hang a few sheets of drywall, can I get away without having to use a top and bottom plate or is that asking for drywall cracks down the road?

  • Seems a small price to pay for extra stability and structure. Required, maybe not, but what's a few extra 2x2's and some cuts? – DonBoitnott Jun 24 at 13:06
  • If you don’t use plates I would use corner bead at the top and make sure to nail the bottom trim to the studs. – Ed Beal Jun 24 at 15:33

Put the furring strips on the top and bottom so you have something to nail the sheetrock to otherwise it is going to warp, it cannot span 4 feet with no support.

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