I'm looking for a screen solution for an out-swing deck door. I'm interested in a magnetic type screen which seems like less of a contraption, but I'd consider a retractable that rolls into a canister. The issue with the canister is how much space it might take up inside the door jamb. The issue with both of them is that you have to see them all of the time since they are on the inside and they aren't too attractive. Bottom line, there are so many of these on the market it's pretty confusing not being able to see them in person. If you have any experience or suggestions with screens for an out-swing situation, please chime in! thx


I have installed many screen doors for outswinging deck and french door applications. I am talking about regular framed screen doors though, not these "magnetic" or roll-up type (which in my opinion are cheesy and lame).

Yes, they mount on the inside and swing inward. Yes, they are not invisible. Yes, they require a special latch assembly.

Yes, they are beautiful because I use custom sized heavy-duty extruded aluminium framed doors with zero grill work. I call them "Clear View" doors because all they are is a sturdy frame with fiberglass or aluminum screen material, maximizing the view to the outside and minimally intrusive. Don't even bother trying to get them at a "big-box" hardware store...

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