I’m trying to replace my bathroom faucet (I turned off the water supply lines) and cannot get the base of the handles off.

Here are photos of the top and bottom:

top bottom

Anything I should try?

  • the silver dome in the top picture should unscrew or just lift off ... slide a knife blade under it – jsotola Jun 23 at 2:07
  • while I agree with jstola on the top piece, you said you want to take it off, to do that you need to remove the "T" and then the nut above it that is rusted as you have pictured. – noybman Jun 23 at 5:02
  • Mine was on so tight I ended up damaging it but it did come off. I believe I used vice grips, one for the bottom nut and one on the top part...I may have even had to hammer the vice grip once it was firmly attached. – P.S. Jul 25 at 3:09

This is a NUT: enter image description here

Channel locks or a slip lock wrench will work. Remove the metal piece on the threaded pipe first.

For the top, I agreee with @jstola but it looks kinda like someone may have filled the bell housing with caulk (the white goo out the top doesn't belog there). Once in a while, these housings have a small recessed hole with an allen nut inside; yours does not look like one of these, but if you see a small hole in it that looks useless, it probably is. Also, sometimes these fixtures are also threaded on (and I believe sometimes they are a reverse thread), yours could very well be one of these. If it is caulked inside, you might need to (sensibly) apply some heat to get it to break/melt free. Definitiely try the putty knife idea first, clean off all excess plumbers putty or caulk, and remove anything plastic. Dont cook the countertop.


Spray the rusted nut with WD40 or another type penetrating oil, helps a lot when fighting rust.

  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. Thanks for the answer; keep 'em coming. – Daniel Griscom Jun 23 at 13:35

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