Wanting to screen in existing carport. I went to architecture school, so I have some building knowledge, but no hands on experience other than installing porcelain tiles in a small bathroom once. Several questions:

  1. Floor. The concrete slab is cracked and uneven. What is the best/easiest way to put flooring over? Leveling out the concrete with thin set first? Adjusting for height variations with risers? I’m thinking interlocking deck tiles might be the easiest option, but they say they must be installed on a flat surface. Also considering wood decking directly on the concrete, or possibly open to other options like porcelain tiles or outdoor carpeting. I know the floor should slope away from the house. I’m assuming that’s already the case with the existing concrete, but I’m not exactly sure if it was done properly, and if not how do I fix the slope? Do I need to use a ledger board and attach to house? Or would it be OK to just install flooring up to the exterior wall? I know that I would need flashing with a ledger board, but I’m thinking I could just avoid that by not attaching to the house. Would I need to leave a gap between the edge of the flooring and the exterior wall?
  2. Framing. Since the carport roof is already structurally supported, how would you recommend handling framing for the screens? Building wood framing and stapling the screens to it, with trim over staples? What about connecting the frame to the house, carport roof and floor? I think I’d need to cut away the aluminum siding (which runs horizontally) on the exterior house wall, attach a vapor barrier, and attach the framing. Is that right? The framing doesn’t need to be attached for structural reasons, but I think there would be an unsightly gap/seam where the frame meets the siding if I don’t cut a strip of siding out. I think I can attach the framing directly to the beams that support the carport roof. There are two metal structural supports that are already attached this way. The beams appear to be wooden, with metal flashing wrapped around. The metal flashing is cut around where the metal supports attach to the wooden beams. Do I need to worry about water at these connections? Should I install flooring, and then attach framing to flooring, or should I attach framing to concrete and do the flooring within the framing perimeter? Is it okay for screen framing to meet the floor directly, or is it necessary to have a gap between the floor and the bottom board/rail? It seems like most porch balustrades have a gap below the bottom rail (for water drainage I’m assuming). So is that necessary, and if so, how do you cover that gap with screen?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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