Can I vent a bathroom vent through an existing gooseneck attic vent? I already have another gooseneck and two gables along with soft vents.

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    Is the vent not in use and you want to put it to use? If so, sure, if it is functional. If you are suggesting you want to "T" off of it, then you really shouldn't. Airflow will take the path of least resistance, not to mention, cooled air coming in from "the other source" as it is drafted, will immediately cool your warm mosit air, so chance are, all (or damn near all of it), will never leave the house. It will stay in the pipes (with the vent flapper closed), and cool, becoming water again, gravity will have its way with the water. You want the pressure of a single run to open and push it out – noybman Jun 19 at 3:19

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