I was looking at buying a security system with 60 foot wired cameras (Night Owl, at Sam's Club). That would mean the main system console would be upstairs, or even in the attic, a long way from my router and TV, downstairs. The system has an Ethernet connection so I was thinking if I (somehow) fished an Ethernet cable between, say, an upstairs closet or the attic and my router, would that work?

Is it feasible to hide a security base station like this, and access everything through the LAN, or do you need to be able to have easy access to the base station?

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    Exactly what an individual system needs or can work with depends very much on the exact individual system. Slightly more sophisticated systems use POE ethernet cameras and those can be located a full 100 meters from the POE switch they connect to, for instance, and pretty much an unlimited distance across various types of ethernet networks, depending on the layout of the property (for most houses, 100 meters is more than plenty, but if you start connecting barns you may see the desirability of fiber between buildings...) The attic may be too hostile an environment for a cheap controller. – Ecnerwal Jun 18 '19 at 16:50

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