Assume an ac compressor doesn't work. Will the air handler still come on if the thermostat is set to fan "on"? Does this differ system to system?

I am trying to troubleshoot a non-responsive ac system and it helps me to know the series of events. I would assume that if the ac handler fan is dead, then the compressor will still come on, and if the compressor fan is dead then the ac handler fan should still come on (this has been my experience in the past). The likelihood of both failing seems small.

Obviously the issue could be with the air handlers motherboard.

Likely an hvac technician is going to get involved but I just wanted to see if I could figure out the fault.

The air handler is: https://www.gemaire.com/rheem-rbhp-24j11sh4-rbhp-series-multiposition-air-handler-with-x-13-ecm-motor-up-to-16-seer-r410a-10-kw-electric-heat-rbhp24j11sh4#tab-documentation (if that matters)

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