I've noticed that the corner of my bathtub gets wet. When a paper towel is placed there, it gets soaked in a short while. There is no large amount of water leaking out though. That spot just gets moist especially after the bathtub is used.

Is there a way to trace the leak without pulling out the bathtub?

(Note there's a wet spot on the baseboard molding and I don't know how water got there either.)

enter image description here


Do you only use tub? Shower curtain to high. Put down towel to dry.Low spot in floor.Add color diy to water see if it shows on floor.Then it is drain.

  • are you telling us with arrows that the paint wore off of the molding due to water? suspicious. Please show us photos of the shower and tub and all caulk/tiles. even the faucets. (if you want some reasonable opinions) – noybman Jun 14 at 2:29

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