The old switch had just 2 side wires, one for the fan and one for the light. There was no ground of hot.

I'm installing a legrand radiant 2 in 1 paddle switch, and it's not working. I'm assuming that's because there's no ground of hot.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Does that switch have a screw in the middle between the two wires? That doens't look like a normal switch. – JPhi1618 Jun 7 '19 at 20:07
  • Looks like a 3-way switch, with the black screw. – Ecnerwal Jun 7 '19 at 20:10
  • Was the old switch a dual switch, or a single? Did you have separate control of fan and light before? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jun 8 '19 at 14:04

You need to add a three wire out to fan. Then the black screw gets line in from the panel,the other wire is load out to ,fan light. And only works both together. 3 wire lets them be separate . White is neutral, on the other screws, black to light red to fan. Need 3 wire to do this. Or leave in a single switch and both run like they did before.

  • On a 3 way that would be one or the other always on, a double switch on a single yoke with 3 wire would do it though. – Ed Beal Jun 8 '19 at 15:12

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