So, I have a pretty basic question that I can't really figure out for some reason. Is there a way to rough in bathroom exhaust fans before siding? In other words, there are trim kits for sconces, outlets, etc. that can be roughed in before siding (mounted with flashing). However, I'm wondering about bathroom fans and other 4" exhaust vents (dryer, OTR microwave fan, etc.).

I've done plenty of exhaust vents with trim post-siding, and that's easy enough. But, obviously I'm not going to want to mount the wall exhaust hoods on to the sheathing. And, if I hard pipe it, I won't be able to move the exhaust hood when siding in order to mount it to the siding. Just wondered if anyone had any advice as to the best procedure for this since I just can't seem to figure it out.

Also, my drywall be going up before the siding is finished, so I'll only have access to the venting pre-siding. Thanks!

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