I'm having a hard time transferring my son to his cot without waking him - the moment I lower him into the cot, he wakes up.

If I can raise the mattress inside the cot, and then lower it slowly once he is on the mattress, I figured it would be a lot easier.

Do you have any ideas on how to accomplish this in an easy enough way?

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    Parental wisdom: That type of thing leads to overly-sensitive sleep habits. Better that your child (barring any cognitive challenges) learn to go to sleep on his own. Also bad: keeping the house perfectly quiet during naps. – isherwood Jun 3 at 18:13
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  • If the OP wants a hydraulic platform or a screw thread system similar to a car jack to lift the mattress would that be on topic? – Solar Mike Jun 4 at 4:14

Been there, and I sympathize (survived 3...)

Does your cot have a side that lowers? That helps.

It does get better with practice...

One thing that may help is to cuddle them with a blanket and lay them down with the blanket - often the colder bedding is the trigger to wake them...

The other thing we did was to use a sheepskin for them to lay on - very good for temperature - apologies to any if that is a "left-field" solution...

Aslo we never had "silent mode" in the house, even if the kids were having a lunchtime nap, it was hoover as normal etc - they soon slept through it...

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