A 2 meter side panel of chipboard has cracked 90% vertically. Behind this chipboard is a proper wooden beam running horizontal for the bed where the slats are attached, the beam can be detached from the chipboard but the chipboard has dowel and glue joints either end securing it to the foot and head of the bed.

The crack has resulted from the beam not properly being secured to the chipboard, the screw either side of the crack where loose (not fully countersunk), these have been tighten as well as adding additional screws either side of the crack, which has closed the crack a little and stabilised it.

However the crack still flexes a little, ideally I would like to glue and clamp the crack. However a standard clamp is not suitable in this situation because the jaws would have to be 2 meters apart.

Does another type of clamp exist that could close the crack, or is there some other way to approach and fix this?

In close proximity to the crack is a beam running left to right on the bed, securing the sides and the middle together, again with dowel and glue joints.

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