We have a torch down roof with no crawl space and a contractor installed a vent in roof that now vents air from inside house out the roof. MY living room has two 8 inch holes venting out. what is best way to plug holes to prevent condensation ? can I put fiber insulation in holes? the roof is made up of hard insulation, layers of decking and tong and groove boards 2-3" thick..

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    So you have an exposed beam and deck ceiling in your living room? And they cut 2 - 8” openings in your ceiling? – Lee Sam May 30 '19 at 22:12

That’s a big screw up in my mind. I would probably use rigid styrofoam insulation and make a sandwich with some fiberglass in the center this way the 2 layers of foam keep the fiberglass in place and can help to seal it. You could even buy a cheap styrofoam cooler to cut the pieces out of but the rigid foil faced insulation is not very expensive and the foil can be painted, always test paint on styrofoam as some paints melt the styrofoam.

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