My water heater has a bad thermocouple and striker. I’m having to replace the entire assembly and waiting on the parts to be delivered. I noticed today that I no longer get any water from the tank when I turn on the hot water valve anywhere in the house.

I’m wondering the tank should be intaking water when the gas valve is shutoff to it and the thermostat is set to off? I don’t see how it would know to not intake water. It seems like the cold water would still continue to flow into the tank. I’d like water to continue to go into the tank because it gets a little warmer than the cold water coming from the water treatment plant.

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    With a tank (as opposed to on-demand), normally the gas (or electricity for an electric water heater) has nothing to do with water flow. Are you sure you didn't cut off the incoming cold water supply valve when you started working on the heater? Post the model # of the heater so we can check the manual too. – manassehkatz May 27 at 16:33
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    Pictures might help. – Ecnerwal May 27 at 17:41
  • Please explain in detail what you have done so far that as led to your current situation. – Alaska Man May 27 at 18:22
  • Sorry I think I figured it out. It appears something was going on with the kitchen sink. The “hot” water runs everywhere else in the house. Thanks everyone for responding. – AHarb May 28 at 3:28

Certainly sounds like you may have shut off the water inlet (instead of or as well as) the gas supply. Otherwise your hot taps should be flowing, just they would be flowing cold water.

Sometimes folks get confused by "yellow handled shutoff valves" which can be used for both gas and water service. They are rarely labelled well, or at all, in most installations.

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