So long story short I believe I've ended up with a crossed thread on the plastic shank of my fill valve. So now as I understand it I need to replace my fill valve, enter image description here

Am I correct in believing I remove the ball float, arm and fill valve then I can replace it with this? https://www.screwfix.com/p/flomasta-bottom-entry-brass-shank-fill-valve/5527f#

I know I need to replace the fibre washer too in the service valve.

  • Depending on were you have to buy one.Drain tank wipe dry, Get make and model of toilet Measure tank .Bring all parts with you. The toilet i had had special tank. hard to find parts .Had to go to 3 places to find one to fit. Had its own float to shut off built in and made cleaning toilet tank easy..under 20 bucks – user101687 May 25 at 21:40

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