Water from my dog's bowl spilled over and caused: (1) a black water stain on one or two panels (engineered or laminated hardwood, unsure which); and (2) one panel to slightly buckle when you step on it.

Do I need to order a mold inspection? And if so, how much would it likely cost?

  • Need to according to whom? It's not clear what you're asking, and with that little bit of water you might as well order a mold inspection of your kitchen sink. :) – isherwood May 24 at 17:48
  • Need to according to the standpoint of a hypothetical reasonable person. – Fiscal May 24 at 18:24
  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. This is unfortunately too opinion-based for our format, and we can't usefully talk about costs: sorry. – Daniel Griscom May 25 at 11:05

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