I have a sprinkler system in my yard with 6 valves. Two are used for drip system piping (one to the front yard which is desert xeriscape), a second for shrubs/trees in the back yard.

Additionally, there are 4 stations for the grass yard itself, aligned to follow the curving brick border.

We are planning on replacing the border, as well as basically shutting down one of the stations that cover a side yard where we will have a kids play area (with fall rated material).

Can I just cut the piping near the valve box and trench/replace the current system? What resource do I need to plan the location of the sprinkler heads, and can I just not use some of the existing valves?

  • The question is not clear. The irrigation companies have planners and layout tools. Yes, you can cut and replace pipe, usually rather easily (except for some digging). If you don't use a valve, best to unscrew it and cap the pipe (and disconnect the wires). This avoids "sudden pool parties" and reduces freezing exposure. – Brock Adams May 23 at 20:25

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