I'm a software developer. I would like to be able to open and close my window automatically when there is a noise outside. So first I need a Wifi Microphone, that will stream the audio to my PC. Then I need an app that will listen and if there is noise more than specific decibels for several seconds, the window should be closed. Then if there is quiet, the window should open.

I'm not asking how to develop the software to analyze the audio and decide what to do. I'm asking about the hardware. For the microphone, I believe it won't be hard to find a microphone to Lan, or even Wifi Microphone (I'm open to recommendations). But for the robot hand that will open and close the window where should I start to look for it?

I have Googled: "Smart window" and found irrelevant links. Also search for "Smart window open close" and not found something that I can buy.

I'm open to do it myself. What kind of a motor do I need for that? Motor than can open/close using a command from a Wifi/Lan.

I have a window similar to this: enter image description here



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