So I just replaced all the outlets and switches In my new house. A three way switch controls all 4 outlets in the living room. I broke the brass tab on one of the outlets and now only the top outlet works with the switch and none of the other outlets work. I was told there was something wrong with the wiring in the house. Any ideas?enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

  • On the left side of the outlet theres 2 white wires. On the right side 2 black wires. On the switch theres a black wire on the top left, and a red wire top right and black wire bottom left. Behind the switch theres two white wires that are connected with a wire nut – Jeremy May 23 '19 at 1:22
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    My guess would be that one set of wires on the outlet goes on to the next outlet. By breaking the tab off you've disconnected them (and therefore the rest of the outlets on the circuit) from the incoming power. – Miles Budnek May 23 '19 at 1:31
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    Which tabs were broken off originally? Or did you not keep track of that? – Harper - Reinstate Monica May 23 '19 at 1:42

I do not think the wiring is bad .Do the 3 way switches operate on off at both switches and makes one or all work ? Just trying to get through switches. Now try to find first recpt. that comes after switch, will have a bit of wire in it. That will be load out from switch. Unscrew recpt. from boxes leave the wires on is fine. Should be a 3 wire going to any recpt. that can be switched. Very odd if you want to control all with switching. If you have no lights only one has to be switched or if you have more lamps to put in ect, 3 wire will have black red white bare ground. One is going to be for switching power (load out) the other will be constant power. Pick what outlets you want to switch . Must have the load out to be able to switch. I take this as all on one circuit if so take recpt no broken tabs take the whites put on the common screw . Now if you want to be able to switch recpt. must have a (load out). Lets say red is (load out) should be two reds spliced with pigtail , and two blacks spliced and pigtailed. Break off tab for hots only. Black on one red on the other. If switch ok should work. Say next recpt. you dont want to switch it. Take recpt. no tabs broken whites on common, wire nut two reds no pigtail on together,push into box. Take black splice together with pig tail tabs not broken mount to hot on recpt. Have now a constant recpt. with reds spliced through to go on to another outlet. Also all bare grounds spliced together if metal box must ground box,and recpt. Looks like switches are not grounded in pic. Hope this helpful took me long time to type,Could drive there fix and been home by now.

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  • Almost nothing is grounded in this house (very old home) all of the outlets In the room had tabs removed. And yes the 3-way switch controls the outlets. Go to one side of the room flip it on light turn on go to the other side and flip it on lights turn off. My only problem is a 3 wire comes from the switch but only a two wire at the outlets... would I need to find the load wire at the switch then at each outlet and say connect them to the bottom. Then connect the switch wire to the top and break all the tabs? The thing making me scratch my head is a 3 conductor at the switch and 2 at outlet – Jeremy May 23 '19 at 13:29

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