So, the termites in Arizona live in the ground, and they make mud tunnels up the side of the foundation of a house to get into the wood. I was thinking, if I make a plastic lip which curls down, and glue it to the side of the foundation, then I could prevent termites from being able to build their mud tunnels up to the house.

I'm thinking something like what's in this image:

enter image description here ...only turned over so it curls down, and maybe a bit sharper so it's hard to get around the lip.

Your thoughts? Anybody sure this won't work?

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    Initial thought is that anything with a curve large enough to prevent them from making a mud tunnel over might be big enough to trap dirt and make a home for spiders or wasps (not sure about other pests in your area). – JPhi1618 May 21 at 18:14
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    I think termites are more creative and inventive than you think. If it was that easy everybody would have done that already. – manassehkatz May 21 at 18:30
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    It's not a dumb idea but it's been thought of already and is a common requirement in many building codes. Lookup "termite shield" and you'll see numerous examples. – jwh20 May 21 at 23:54

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