I live in an apartment with radiator baseboard heating and an old Honeywell round dial thermostat (no external switch).

Heat has been working fine all winter. Weather has warmed up past few days- it's 55 degrees Fahrenheit today, and I last used the heat about 3 days ago.

Temp in apartment is 73 degrees. I went to turn it up to 75 (it goes to 77) to warm up for the impending temp drop tonight (low 40s) and it's not kicking on.

I seem to remember this happening last Spring. When the weather warms up, the heat won't kick on, even though the thermostat is set properly.

Maintenance has not turned off the boilers as I checked with them.

Could the weather be having an effect?

  • if you crank the heat to max does it come on? the thermostate could be inaccurate, which you can usually adjust by removing the cover and changing the tube slope. – dandavis May 21 '19 at 18:15

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