I am looking to buy a 1900 house with detached garage that has been completely renovated and additions have been added to the house. However, what would be the things to look out for in such an old flipped house?

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    Maybe start by looking for a home inspector. – freshop May 20 at 19:08
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    I 2nd that. Get a pro. Even if someone tells you precisely what to look for, you're probably still not qualified to judge it. – DonBoitnott May 20 at 19:37
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    > buy 100yo house > destroy all Victorian gingerbread and anything that gives it character > replace with generic stuff from Home Depot > FLIP > Foreigners go "oooh, ahh, so nice" > locals go /facepalm – Harper May 20 at 19:43
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    my top anecdotal concerns would be: foundation condition. 4" pipe condition. no knob-and-tube wiring left. grounded outlets. signs of leaking in attic. radon/lead/asbestos assessments. – dandavis May 20 at 20:17
  • Does it have all new/replaced electric and plumbing ? With suitable capacities ? – blacksmith37 May 21 at 0:24

To start pretty on the outside dont always cut it.Do a look yourself a walk through.Outside roof ok how old; windows old paint peeling signs of leaks .Next basement look and take notes foundation type ,plumbing pvc copper pex look for signs of upgrades.Elec panel look new looks neat not rats nest. Frame looks solid not cut up . Any odd smells damp mold septic.Radon vents dirt floor. Attic insulation ok mold smells ,mice nest. look up at roof any day light. If home still want . Talk to your home inspector about your findings and how deep you want him to look at it. GET A PRO money well spent.

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