I've installed a built-in Kenmore dishwasher about 7-8 months ago after following the high drain loop method and today I found out that my drain hose looks like this, which I assume isn't normal. There is no installed air gap around the sink. The total height of my high drain loop is around 30-31", which is not exactly the 32" recommended height for this method. I've never had smelly dishes after my cleaning (in fact they often smell unsually soapy), but have had dirty dishes in the upper rack. Would anybody be able to explain why the drain hose looks all dirty? It's almost as if the dirt can't go pass the peak.

My apologies if I'm missing key descriptive elements about the setup; I am quite unfamiliar with this sort of work.

Thank you so much!

enter image description here

  • I don't know that this is unusual. I've never looked at a dishwasher drain tube except to track down a leak, etc. Being it's a corrugated drain tube, I'm guessing that small amounts of water and debris collect on each "wrinkle" in the tube. Perhaps, also, if you run your dishwasher infrequently, the accumulations get the chance to mold? – Greg Nickoloff May 22 '19 at 19:02

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