I am going to buy a cabinet for my kitchen. It comes unassembled but contains all necessary parts. When assembled according to the manual it will look like this:

assembled cabinet according to manual

The problem is: The cabinet's height is only 85cm, which is too low for comfortable working.

=> I want to make it ~20cm higher and insert a self-built drawer into the emerging space below.

Here is a picture from the assembly manual which shows how the front side is assembled: assembly of front side according to manual

My idea is to leave out the cover (part 18), extend the side boards and add a drawer over the whole width, like this (part 23 and connections are left out for better visibility):

extension - front

For more stability I would add a back wall of normal thickness (not like the thin back wall which has almost no value for stability) and connect it to both the original left/right side boards AND the extension boards using screws:

enter image description here

The length of the side boards from below part 20 to the bottom is around 10cm, so there is plenty of room to connect the side boards with the lower back wall.

The material of the boards is chipboard with a veneer decoration layer, thickness around 1.5cm. I would use the same material and thickness for all self-built boards (drawer parts as well).

Here are my questions:

  1. How should I connect the side boards with the extension boards? Would you recomment wooden dowel pins or wooden biscuit joiners (lamello)? Is there a difference in stability between the two options? Or is there a better (and still affordable) option?

  2. Is the lower back wall necessary, or will it be stable enough without it?

  3. Will it be stable enough with the lower back wall, or should I add more stabilizing parts? E.g. a horizontal bottom board connected to the extension boards AND the lower back wall (with screws), on which the cabinet will then stand? Or something else?

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