hoping for some quick advice here. My wife and I bought our home 2 years ago and have recently had issues with the pull-cord light switch in the bathroom sticking off. I took the old one down yesterday evening to find the plasterboard was wrecked by the original installer and the plasterboard rawl plug on the right side just shredded it's way out when unscrewing the switch base.

I am wondering how I can best go about fixing this, a couple of things come to mind; enter image description here

  1. Fast setting filler in and around the damaged hole on the right, setting the original rawl plug in place, wait to cure, refit switch base.

  2. Fill and reinforce the area with something like Sugru that I can self-tapping screw directly into

As you can probably guess, I am not the best at DIY and would appreciate any help you more seasoned professional types can provide!

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