All the natural gas plumbing in my home was replaced a year ago. I recently tried to find the gas cutoffs for my stove top and oven (separate appliances) but all I found was maxitrols. Can maxitrols substitute for cutoff valves? Thank you. enter image description here


No, that is a gas pressure REGULATOR not a shutoff valve. There should be a shut off valve in the line somewhere, did you check near the meter?

Maxitrol Regulator Diagram

  • I presume there is a main cutoff near the meter. I was looking for a cutoff for each appliance. Is one cutoff for the whole house all that is required by most codes? (I am in New York State.) – Yehuda_NYC May 14 at 16:56
  • I'm not familiar with the practice or codes in NY, but it seems that a shutoff valve near an application, even if not required by code, is a good idea. You might check the applicable codes for your locality and see what it says. – jwh20 May 14 at 16:59

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