My parents house has a leak in the roof that hasn't been takan care of for a few years and has pretty much destroyed the drywall in the affected region.

What strategy should I use to repair the leak?

I was considering removing the drywall (In preparation for a California patch) to see where the leak originates from (Possibly with the assistance of a second person with a hose on the roof) and looking for it that way.

I've also considered looking for the leak after the drywall has been removed, and if I can find it without a second person (If it's really obvious), just drilling a very small hole where the origin of the water is and leaving the drill bit sticking out of the roof and using roof caulk to seal it up there. I could patch the drywall later then.

What is the typical procedure for a situation like this?

Picture of the effected region: Roof Leak Roof Leak Close Up

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    $50 says it's leaking around the edge of the skylight, and the damage to the drywall is visible in that location only because there's a joint there. – brhans May 10 '19 at 22:18
  • @brhans Well, there is tape in the region, so there is a drywall joint there. – Sarah Szabo May 10 '19 at 22:21

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