I am wanting to install a 100 amp breaker in my panel box outside my house to wire a shop about 250’ away from my house. What gauge wire do I need to use?

  • We need to know just how much electricity you expect to used at any given moment. You actually need to look at the name plate of each tool/piece of equipment. And add the amp draw of them together. Calculate only those item that will consume power at the same time. From this we have a formula to use and can give give you an answer. – Paul Logan May 10 at 23:59
  • What stuff are you putting in your shop? How big is the building, for that matter? What size electric service do you have to your house? – ThreePhaseEel May 11 at 0:57
  • Shop will be 24x40 will put only lights and recepticals. House outside panel box has a 200 amp service. I have found out if I’m not mistaken to use a 2,2,2,3 wire. What is best copper or aluminum wire? Thanks. – Vernon May 11 at 12:48

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