We have a home at Oak Island NC. Our home was built in the 70's. There were no mildew or mold problem until we had plastic put in our crawl space. After a few years we now have the mold problem so we had dehumidifiers installed. The soil is sandy. Thinking about removing the vapor barrier. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • In my experience it is usually the opposite, possibly the barrier is trapping moisture under the plastic and attaching it to the bottom of the floor joists may work I have seen it done both ways. – Ed Beal May 10 at 19:19
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    Was the plastic added on the ground or attached to the bottom of the floor joists? – Lee Sam May 10 at 20:55
  • We’re the dehumidifiers added in the house or in the crawl space? – Lee Sam May 10 at 20:56

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