I am preparing to install luxury vinyl plank (LVP) in my basement (specifically CoreTec Pro). The subfloor is just concrete slab.

Previously this room had carpet with tack strips nailed to the cement. When I pulled up the old tack strips the nails pulled out small chunks of concrete (maybe 1/4 deep, 1-1.5 inches across).

What is the best approach to match these before I put down the vinyl floor (floating install)?


You can use a variety of patch products.

Premixed concrete patch would work.

Platinum patch

Vinyl spackling

For holes that small i would use the vinyl spackling. You can sand it down if you are sloppy in the application.

I would not worry about holes smaller then a nickle or dime.

Clean and vacuum the holes out to insure good adhesion.


Depending on the severity, a self-leveling compound is ideal. Lowes, Home Depot, etc... will have concrete floor patch. Get the self leveling kind. If it's just a few places and the rest of the floor is perfectly smooth, you can patch with virtually anything to fill the void. Thin-set mortar would be my choice.

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