I am having a house built, and I noticed there was no exposed ceiling box at the locations of my pendant lights. I was unable to get out there to visually verify things before drywall went up (that's why there's a construction manager) The CM reassures me everything is wired, inspection passed, and ready to be pulled through on the final set out.

I walked through the attic this morning to find nothing more than a bundle of romex hanging from a roof truss, coming from the light switch location.

I've never seen a new construction rough in without a ceiling box for each light fixture, and this includes other houses this CM is building.

Is this cause for concern? Should I require another electrical inspection for this? The attic will be blown in, concealing anything wrong, for the final inspection.

  • It is not a concern as far as the task can be completed. It is a concern in that the contractor or the sub-contractor is possibly not doing a complete job.
    – Alaska Man
    May 6, 2019 at 19:53

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If they did not use boxes I would consider this a code violation unless they used romex splices , the splices can be made without a box romex to romex other than that I would take a photo of the point of connection and post it but it sounds shady to me. In the states I have worked to get a rough inspection signed off for cover all the boxes need to be in place.


It's possibly that they will be putting the boxes in, old work boxes, at the time of the lights to ensure the lights align correctly to what they will be lighting.

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