I recently moved into an almost new house with 3 bedrooms, each has a basic ceiling fan/light with two wall switches. One controls the fan and the other the lights. Yesterday the switch that controls the fan stopped working in two bedrooms; now the light switch controls the lights and fan. I think this change coincides with the breakers being reset. But I do not understand why. Does anyone know how to get both switches functioning again?

And why does my blender trip the breaker at one outlet but not another? I flipped the breakers for the bedrooms because I had the blender into an outlet on the border of the kitchen and living room. The breakers labeled "living room" and "kitchen" plugs didn't help. Ends up that plug was with the "office" plugs, which is a different room.

Around the same time that the fan issue arose, I was using the blender, which tripped a breaker. The house has an open floor plan; the plug is on the edge of the kitchen area and the dining/living room. Flipping the breakers for the kitchen and living room plugs did nothing, so I tried others, including bedroom plugs for the two rooms with the problem fans. Ended up being the office plugs, which is the room behind the kitchen. The fan in the master bedroom is fine, and I did not touch that breaker.

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