I have a Whirlpool washer (wtw5000dw0) that stopped in the middle of a wash cycle. I think it stopped before the drain cycle so the washer is currently full of water. When I try pressing the button to restart the cycle, it either does nothing or sometimes the LED for 'sensing' will flash for hours without anything happening. I read somewhere else that the lid latch can wear out and cause the cycle to stop before the drain. I also read that it could be an electrical problem with a blown fuse or something. I'm just wondering if this is true and if it is worth trying to fix myself.


If this happens "end of wash cycle, just as it should be starting to spin/drain" then it is very likely the lid switch. See # 14 in this parts diagram

enter image description here

If this is the problem then, depending on how exactly it failed, you can temporarily bypass it (either via wire or - according to some references from the linked page - possibly using magnets) to make sure that this is really the problem. But I can tell you from personal experience with older models that this is a very common problem, with an easy fix.


I don't really have a great answer, but if it stopped before the drain, there is a possibility that the drain is blocked. I have an indisit/hotpoint washer where I had this problem, I emptied the washer using the drain plug to find a lump of plastic wrapper blocking the drain. This will usually give a drain pump error, so the machine will stop as a precaution. The fix for me was to empty the filter/drainplug and this fixed it. If you are unlucky, there could be a fault with your drain pump.

Below is a link to a YT video explaining ways to investigate problems with the drain pump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frEJhX9Sppw

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