I need to replace this plug on my 110 AC unit. (Cord is in good condition) Lowe's has a similar plug but with only three wire connections ( I would like to use this stock plug as an OEM replacement cost more than the air-conditioner is worth $100+) Can I use it and what do I do with the 4 wires on my existing plug to use the 3-wire plug with only three connections?

The Frigidaire FAC105P1A is a 10,000 BTU Energy Star Compliant electronic compact air conditioner with electronic controls.

[![enter image description here][1]][1]

[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/0ZJZM.jpgenter image description here

  • Your photo is so close up it's hard to make out what we're looking at. Try zooming out a bit. – brhans Apr 29 at 0:35
  • What is the manufacturer and model of the AC unit? – A. I. Breveleri Apr 29 at 0:46
  • 1
    That is a shielded power cord, because AC units tend to generate a lot of electrical interference. Knowing the make and model will help determine whether you need a shielded power cord. – A. I. Breveleri Apr 29 at 0:49
  • Is the cord damaged or just the plug? – A. I. Breveleri Apr 29 at 0:49
  • As @A.I.Breveleri states, the shield reduces RFI, which could trip the GFCI plug. You might need to get an OEM replacement from the manufacturer, since most after-market plugs are not designed for shielded cable. – DrMoishe Pippik Apr 29 at 1:26

Based on the owner's manual the plug includes a GFCI. I would definitely replace with a GFCI unless you are 100% certain that the receptacle is protected by GFCI elsewhere (either in the receptacle or upstream). The manual is for multiple models so it does not state the power requirements. However, there are a number of indications that this size unit is designed to use a 15A circuit (20A would be fine too) but should be the only appliance on that circuit (because current draw >= 50% of circuit capacity).

What you need is something like this replacement GFCI plug

enter image description here

  • That plug looks similar to the one they have at Home Depot however the problem is it only has connections for three wires and my current plug has the fourth bare wire. The current plug does have a reset and test button As does the replacement from Home Depot. – user101013 May 1 at 15:07

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