Our yard had a small mounded flower garden that had gone to weeds. We discovered that there was actually an old patio sitting underneath it. Someone had just dumped a lot of gravel and soil on top of the patio and called it a flower bed. We removed the soil and gravel.

The patio is formed of four big concrete pavers. Each one is about four feet square. There's a soil-filled gap between the pavers (about half an inch or an inch wide).

The patio had a bit of a slope that had water from a heavy rain flowing in an undesirable direction. A friend put some quick-setting mortar down along one edge to help water flow from one corner to another, in a better direction.

I've tested it now by dumping a big bucket of water in the corner and spraying water from a hose. I verified that the water is flowing in a better direction now.

But the new mortar and the original surface look too dissimilar in color, and the new mortar is uneven -- maybe because it was quick setting.

I would like to finish it off by putting something over both the old and the new, that will give a smoother surface and a more uniform look.

I have two ideas in mind -- (1) try again with mortar, but spreading it over the whole area, maybe using something that sets a little slower, and smoothing it out with a board on edge; or put down some rubber or resin pavers from a big box store on top of the existing pavers.

Suggestions and instructions would be welcome.

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