I have a row of 6 sprinklers and the last one constantly leaks. I originally thought it was leaking because of underground roots. I dug up the pipe before the last sprinkler where the roots were not as dense, cut it and placed a new sprinkler in that area. Now this new sprinkler (the last one) leaks also from the top.

Now I'm not sure what to do. Could it be the valve isn't sealing correctly?

In the picture below, I manually turn the system on by turning the small screw. If I close the larger screw, the water will eventually stop flowing.

Right now, I don't know how to stop the water from leaking out of the last sprinkler.

enter image description here

  • Clean the valve, It’s not uncommon. Some systems have a “master valve” to help prevent this from occurring, but it doesn’t take more than a little silt, dirt, etc for the valve to leak. The valve likely can be cleaned rather than replaced. – Tyson Apr 28 at 12:52

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